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We spent 1000+ hours collating and researching user and expert reviews to give you the best, most detailed information to help you buy your next vibrator.

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The PleasureScore™ ratings provide a fixed benchmark against which consumer satisfaction can be easily compared across all products.

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We selectively evaluate products from the world’s most trusted brands that are renowned for performance, quality, and safety.

Bullet (Ultra Compact) Vibrators

Bullet vibrators are the smallest in form, yet they could pack a punch. Generally user-friendly and versatile in use, they are every woman’s favorite. Occupying a tiny footprint in your dresser or pocket, they come in handy at a moment’s notice.

Compact Vibrators

Combining cutting-edge innovation such as haptic gestures with sleek modern design, these products are making waves on the internet (and in bedrooms too). A vibrator that intensifies as you squeeze it? Or a penguin that blows? This curation is yours to explore.

Penetrative Vibrators

For that deeper sensation, penetrative vibrators (commonly known as “G-spot vibrators”) are the closest you can get to the real thing. They come in almost infinite variations to suit every preference and desire. There’s a learning curve, but it’ll be hard to look back once you’ve found that sweet spot.

Rabbit Vibrators

For dual stimulation, look no further than Rabbit vibrators. Built to give you the best of both worlds; internal and external pleasure at the same time. With so many innovations and varieties available, everyone will find something to hit both spots.

Wearable Vibrators

When it comes to hands-free pleasure, Wearable vibrators are only limited by your imagination. Built to hug your body and work around your desires in the bedroom, whether alone or with a partner. The more daring will enjoy the freedom of using it in public.

Wand Vibrators

The timeless Wand vibrators promise power and always deliver on that promise. Arguably the origin for all mechanical toys, Wands deliver incredible external vibrations across their rounded heads. It may look basic but when it comes to fast climaxes, they get the job done.

Air-pulse Vibrators

Air-pulse Vibrators change how you think a traditional vibrator should work. These cutting-edge toys do away with conventional vibrations and replace them with fluttering strokes of air, emulating a more natural oral experience. This will make the world of difference for those looking to mix things up.