Womanizer Pro W500: Review & Ranking


Rank: #35 of 123 vibrators worldwide

Make: Womanizer (Based in Germany)

Type: Clit Vibrator


"Black Leo"

Rechargeable: Yes

Battery Life: Up to 4 hours on a full 1½-hour charge

Body Safe: Yes

Waterproof: No

Product Dimensions: Two nozzle tips provided: 13 mm wide and 25 mm wide

Storage Pouch Included: Yes

Product Rank

Womanizer Pro W500 has a PleasureScore™ of 77/100, placing it #35 on the PleasureScore™ 2018 Vibrator Ranking Chart.

The Bottom Line

The Womanizer Pro W500 is a serious contender for clitoral play. Most reviewers relished its unique suction sensation which left them immensely gratified. However, there were some who felt that it was overpriced, considering it is not waterproof. If budget is not a concern, the Womanizer Pro W500 is a great choice for its performance and looks.

12 reasons to buy

1.A majority of reviewers were greatly impressed with how pleasurable it was. Anecdotes of multiple orgasms in a single session were common.
2.The suction technology offers a unique sensation. In one woman’s words, it feels like, “...a completely different type of sensation, it’s hard to compare to anything else. It’s not rumbly, it’s not buzzy, it’s more…fluttery.”
3.A handful of users said they appreciated the W500’s wide range of intensities. It features 8 different power levels — an increase over the 5 in its predecessor.
4.The W500’s aesthetics were frequently praised; there are many designs to choose from.
5.It is ergonomic and fits comfortably in hand. Womanizer fans praised the W500 to be an improvement over the original.
6.In addition to solo use, at least a couple of women enjoyed using it with a partner during foreplay (to build up to intercourse) and afterplay (to come down after an intercourse).
7.The suction nozzles are detachable and hence easy to clean. The rest of the toy, which isn’t waterproof, can be rubbed down with alcohol or sanitary wipes.
8.Many owners were pleased with how quiet it is.
9.It has an impressive run time of 4 hours on a 2-hour charge, as confirmed by a handful of users.
10.It comes with two suction nozzles of different sizes to ensure a better fit for everyone.
11.A satin storage pouch is included for convenient keeping.
12.The entire toy is made of body-safe, phthalate-free and non-porous materials.

4 reasons not to buy

1.Because it needs to be held in place perfectly, some reviewers highlighted that is not very feasible for pairing with a dildo or for use during intercourse.
2.The pointed Swarovski crystal on top of the power button is beautiful, but some complained that it can be uncomfortable to press.
3.As the body of the W500 is not waterproof or splash resistant, some lamented how inconvenient it is to clean the entire toy.
4.Over a quarter of women surveyed were unimpressed and felt that the W500 was overpriced for the utility it delivers.

This assessment and grading was based on +7 expert reviews and +15 verified user reviews. Dated . Read our ranking methodology. Own a Womanizer Pro W500? We invite you to submit a Womanizer Pro W500 review.

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