About PleasureScore

PleasureScore was founded in 2018 with the aim of recognizing, rewarding and celebrating design excellence in the world of pleasure toys. Our research team performs a wide range of quantitative and qualitative research on hundreds of the world’s best selling products from thousands of independent user and expert reviews, then using carefully calibrated performance indicators to portray the overall rating of a product on a 0–100 scale, with higher scores indicating better customer satisfaction.

Methodology Overview

Before a product is subjected to our vigorous review system, it is essential that it passes our initial testing process. Without these fundamental features in place, we are unable to even begin the process. These foundational features are:

  • Safety
  • Manufacturer operating history


Safety is an integral and often overlooked feature when it comes to sex toys. These devices are built to interact with your most sensitive body parts, both internally and externally. The use of body-safe materials and a focus on smooth ergonomic designs is absolutely essential to maximizing the safety of users. Every product must reach these high safety standards before we even consider reviewing them.

Manufacturer operating history

Some manufacturers have a long history of producing high-quality toys, excelling in certain areas and failing in others. A brand must have a strong history of reaching the highest product standard to be considered for our ranking.

Ranking Indicators

Upon clearing the initial stage of our rating system, we then move on to further refine the product reviews by looking at seven additional factors:

  • Popularity (How often users and experts recommend the product)
  • Pleasure outcome
  • Performance and features
  • Presence of critical issues
  • Durability
  • User controls
  • Noise levels


No matter a manufacturers sales pitch, we know that the only opinions that really matter are yours. Customer reviews and recommendations are an integral piece of our ranking system and form the foundation for all of our reviews. We analyze thousands of reviews from customers and experts alike, to form a well-rounded and realistic score that truly represents a products quality.

Real user experiences, positive reviews and recommendations are what fuels our ranking system and is the reason we are so confident in our scores.

Pleasure outcome

When ranking sex toys, there is one single factor that has more weight than all of the rest – pleasure. Regardless of the type of device you prefer, we are all ultimately seeking the same feeling of ecstasy. No matter the price, size or power, pleasure is the ultimate goal.

We understand what it is you want and we make sure to rank products accordingly. All of our top-ranking products are proving to hit the spot, bring you to climax and keep you coming back again and again.

Performance and features

There are so many features available that discerning which ones are best and most functional, can be difficult to figure out without first-hand experience. An abundance of features does not make a device good by themselves. How well these features perform and how much of their promise they fulfill, is all that matters.

We weigh up the number of features available with a product, with how well those features perform, to produce our rating. There is a fine balance to be found between and abundance of bells and whistles and a device that just works. Our rating system takes all of this into account to produce a score that is fair and accurate.

Presence of critical issues

There is no perfect sex toy, but there is a difference between a lackluster feature and a critical issue. Reports such as health and safety issues would be seen as a critical issue and will have a huge negative impact on that device’s score.


A key sign of a quality product is that it can be used over and over without diminishing returns. Durability is an integral factor that enables a product to perform at its best time and time again. The wireless remote, the handle, the buttons, the insertable or the internal motors are all things that if broken, ruin the entire experience.

Build quality is absolutely essential. No device should be one and done. If it can’t live in your draw or purse for months or years at a time, ready to be used at a moment's notice, then it's not worth your time or money.

User controls

Controlling your device needs to be simple and intuitive. How well this is done can massively impact your enjoyment. Cumbersome controls only serve to get in the way; buttons that are too big or small, positioned awkwardly or require a 3-page manual to decipher, are simply barriers to your play.

You want smart, easy to use controls that respect your time and work as intended. How many buttons are there? Are they positioned intelligently? Do they allow for remote control or include a more organic system that responds to pressure? These are all questions we ask on your behalf to ensure the highest standards are met.

Noise levels

Ensuring your intimate moments remain completely private is a key factor of a great toy. Noise levels should be kept at an absolute minimum, whether the device is used internally or externally. Superiour toys will be constructed with whisper quiet functionality in mind and that is exactly the level of quality you should expect.

Whether the vibrations are buzzy or rumbly is just as important as how those vibrations are dispersed across the device. The best toys will keep the vibrations focused in one area, which not only improves the sensation but helps keeps the noise from carrying and becoming too loud.


Combining these indicators above gives the PleasureScore for each product, on a scale from 0 to 100. Our top picks are highly-regarded devices that have an exceptional success rate and have been praised by 100’s, if not 1000’s of users and experts.

Our scoring system removes all the legwork and leaves you to feel confident in your choices. Simply look at our highest scoring toys to see the best on the market and use our simple product breakdowns to determine which is best for you.

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