3 Best Couples Vibrators, Rated by PleasureScore

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Our Top Couples Vibrator Picks:

The only thing better than enjoying a sensual session with yourself and your toy is to have your partner get in on the fun. Couples vibrators are built specifically to be enjoyed by both parties, enhancing the sexual experience and providing unique sensations that are not typically achievable with sex. Designed to be hands-free, they hug your body tightly and provide vibrations to both internal and external pleasure points. The feeling of fullness and additional stimuli during intercourse is something that can only be achieved with the assistance of another device.

How to Choose the Right Couples Vibrator

Comfortability: Because all couples vibrators are insertable devices, how comfortable they are once inserted is a key factor to consider. How comfortable it is to insert initially can also play a big factor on the overall comfort of the device and therefore your willingness to use it. Remember that as an insertable, the use of lubrication is highly advised as no device is designed to be used without it. You are looking for an easy insertion that feels naturally filling while still allowing room for your partner.

Does it stay in place? It goes without saying that this type of toy is going to be a big part of some vigorous couples play. You need a device that can keep up with you and your partner without falling out or needing constant readjustments. Everyone’s body is different and you will need to find that size and shape that suits your particular needs. In general, you want something that hugs your body tightly without causing discomfort and retains its position no matter the amount of bouncing or squirming.

Vibration quality and placement: Are you looking for external or internal pleasure? What about both simultaneously? These are questions you will need to ask yourself when purchasing a couples vibrator. Most focus on external motors that help tantalize the clitoris, while other have an addition motor to help stimulate the G-spot. Too much stimulation can actually be distracting and even uncomfortable, so make sure you are prioritizing the thing that suits your personal desires.

The We-Vibe Chorus sits at the top of our rankings because it goes above and beyond other couple’s vibrators, bringing together intelligent innovation and unmatched useability. The most difficult issue facing wearable devices is that they rarely stay in place but the We-Vibe Chorus alleviates this almost entirely. Its fully featured with rumbly vibrations and intuitive remote controls but without a doubt, the stand out feature is the fit. The mental and physical freedom you experience from not worrying about your vibrator staying put, allows you to focus every ounce of energy on what’s most important; your pleasure.

Barely behind the industry leading We-Vibe Chorus is the We-Vibe Match. It shares the majority of its features with the Chorus, sporting powerful rumbly vibrations and a remote that is easy to use even in the heat of the moment. It hugs your body tightly and keeps its position better than every couple’s vibrator except the Chorus. Deserving its place on our rankings list, this toy excels in almost every way.

We-Vibe manages to take all 3 top spots for couple’s vibrators, securing their place at the pinnacle of wearables. Providing the rumbly vibrations you’d expect, the We-Vibe Sync is easily adjusted to your body’s unique curves enabling a better fit and hands-free experience. This is aided by the impressive app that lets you create your own vibration patterns, even matching them to your favourite songs. The We-Vibe Sync may sit slightly below its peers but you would be foolish to overlook this top-tier device.