6 Best Wand Vibrators, Rated by PleasureScore

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Our Top Wand Vibrator Picks:

Sometimes the thing you desire above all else, is power. Wands are built for exactly this purpose. Aptly named for their shape, Wands are easy to hold and maneuver across your entire body. The large rounded heads give you a large surface area to work with, providing incredible coverage when compared to the pinpoint accuracy of a Bullet. The large body of the device houses incredibly powerful motors, that deliver rumbly vibrations that penetrate deep into the tissue. These devices are often so powerful that they can even double as a legitimate massage device, only serving to add even more value to this toy.

How to Choose the Right Wand Vibrator

Vibration quality: The best way to gauge vibration quality is by frequency. High frequency vibrations tend to be buzzier and leave the user with a numbing sensation, sometimes even discomfort. Instead, what you should be looking for are low frequency, or rumbly, vibrations. These penetrate deep into the tissue, allowing you to feel every single rumble without having to stop due to numbing or over-sensitivity.

Intensity range: It goes without saying that you want your wand to be extremely powerful. But don’t forget, even for the most power hungry you still need to be able to build up to, and cooldown from, an intense session. That means the range of intensity is important. You won’t always be in the mood for full throttle power every single time and should get a device that covers a wide range of intensities, to satisfy your wide range of needs.

Ease of Use (Corded or cordless/Weight): Wand Vibrators tend to be heavier and larger than other vibrators, meaning you need to take a few things into account when thinking about your user experience. Often the additional weight of a wand is because of its cordless nature, packing more components like batteries into the body and increasing the overall weight. Of course, whether your device is cordless or not can drastically change how you use it alongside how much it weighs. But extra weight is not always a negative. It will of course increase fatigue, but that additional weight may also enable you to apply more pressure and increase your pleasure. You will also need to contend with the fact that wired Wands are usually more powerful, but obviously more restrictive. Wands may ask you to make some big trade-offs with regards to certain features, but they still do what they do better than any other comparable device.

The Doxy Die Cast screams quality from the top of its luxuriously curved head, to the tip of its generous 10 ft tail. The incredible power of its vibrations is matched by their rumbly quality, providing deep penetrating pleasure. This high-end toy sits at the top for a reason and delivers on all fronts — looks, feel and most importantly, satisfaction.

The Magic Wand Rechargeable is the follow up to the iconic Hitachi Magic Wand and thankfully, it’s as good as you’d expect. Ditching the cord and adding additional gentler settings nets you more freedom than ever without any sacrifices in power. It’s a worthy successor to a “legendary” forerunner, proving that for those that upgrade, things can get just a little more magical.

The Doxy Die Cast 3 ranks so highly due to its immense quality and smaller size. Unlike traditional Wands, the Doxy Die Cast 3 is much lighter, with a more petite frame that makes it easy to use without fatigue. Living up to the Doxy name, this lightweight wand still packs the power you expect and deserves your attention of anyone looking for a smaller alternative.

Instead of a fancy design and high-end features, the Doxy Original focuses on what matters. Easy to use for beginners and pros, it sports a straightforward design and packs a punch if you want it to. Sometimes all you need is the basics to get the job done and Doxy Original is proof of that.

The Magic Wand Original is a living legend that has been providing pleasure for over 50 years and shows no signs of slowing down. Its tried and tested power always provides satisfaction, proving you only need two settings to get the job done. The Magic Wand Original may have set the stage for all the innovations to come but still remains relevant to this day

Doxy goes untethered with the Doxy Die Cast 3R, improving on its already great formula with this rechargeable upgrade. Still retaining all of the quality you expect from the brand, this cordless upgrade enables a more freeing experience than any other Wand. We’re convinced that this innovation is worthy of praise and that Doxy Die Cast 3R is the best wireless wand on the market today.