6 Best Air Pulse Vibrators, Rated by PleasureScore

Our Top Air Pulse Vibrator Picks:

Air-pulse vibrators are built to give you a different sensation when compared to traditional vibrators and wands. Instead of using a motor to provide vibrations that can be felt on contact, air-pulse vibrators take a different approach. Air is pushed through the mouth of the device at a rapid pace, providing contactless stimulation to the clitoris that is unlike traditional vibes. Avoiding the buzzy and numbing feeling that sometimes comes from bullets and wands, these devices deliver a gentler experience that is more in line with traditional oral sex.

What to Look for When Choosing an Air Pulse Vibrator

Shape and size of the nozzle head: Depending on the size and style of the nozzle, the user experience can vary wildly. The first thing to take note of is that larger mouths will diffuse the vibrations more, covering a larger surface area and giving you less pinpoint accuracy. That means, for the more power hungry, you will be looking for a smaller nozzle that delivers air-pulse vibrations exactly where you want them. But you should also take note that the larger nozzles make it much easier to position and find that sweet spot. For some, this ease of use is one of the biggest highlights of an air pulse vibrator, so make sure you consider what suits your personal needs best.

Ergonomics: Being relatively small devices, air-pulse Vibrators can cause hand fatigue when used over long periods. Something that fits comfortably in your hand without requiring much grip strength or dexterity, will enable you to play for longer without your hand getting tired. The easier it fits in your hand, the more you can enjoy the additional benefit of precise control. Positioning air-pulse Vibrators can be tricky at first and requires a little practice before you find your optimal pleasure point. Finding and holding that sweet spot is essential, taking your experience from “this isn’t doing anything” to “oh my god” in an instant.

Vibration strength: As with all vibrators, the strength of vibrations can vary both in power and in quality. Air-pulse vibrators don’t make you choose between buzzy or rumbly vibrations. Instead, they focus more on the variety of pulsing and suction. The overall sensation is more consistent across air-pulse vibrators, meaning your focus will primarily be on distribution and raw power. Where you want to feel the vibrations and how potent you want them to be will depend on your personal preference.

The Womanizer Duo ties the top spot because of its impressive air-pulse technology but that’s only part of the story. Paired with it’s supple inclusive shaft for penetration, the dual stimulation you get with this toy is almost unmatched. The generous-sized mouth gives you ample flexibility to find your perfect position, alleviating the need for pinpoint accuracy on the clitoris and letting get straight to the sweet spot. Anyone who has an interest in a dual action toy will be hard pressed to find one better than the Womanizer Duo.

Comfortably joining the Womanizer Duo at the top, the We-Vibe Melt pools all of its efforts into one thing — the absolute pinnacle of air-pulse technology. This toy fully delivers on the promise of contactless clitoral pleasure through its impressive tech and functional form. Small, discreet and easy to use during intercourse, the We-Vibe Melt is impressive in all categories and top of the class in most.

Deservedly sitting near the top, the Satisfyer Penguin sports a charming design that hides a wonderful secret. The Penguin’s mouth pulsates air waves to give a sucking sensation, second only to the We-Vibe Melt. As a fantastic little toy for foreplay as well, you will always be glad to have this in a draw nearby.

Easily earning its place in the upper echelon, the Lelo Enigma is so strikingly innovating; you’d almost think it was from the future. It’s easy to maneuver with its joystick-like handle, giving you absolute control of the air-pulsing mouth. The additional curved shaft helps you seek out the G-spot and fully engage in dual-stimulation, proving its unique design is not just for show.

Have you ever thought that your vibrator could be a little more eco-friendly? Well, Womanizer has and they’ve put together an impressive sustainable alternative with the Womanizer Premium Eco. The fantastic design and impressive air vibrations all carry over from the Womanizer Premium, the only difference being its new Biolene exterior. If saving the planet gets you off, this is the only toy for you.

The Lelo Sila is both big and small in the all the right places, toting a design that is unique in both form and function. Its compact design is lightweight and easy to hold, alleviating fatigue and increasing control. Coupled with the extra-large mouth, positioning around the clitoris is effortless. This tiny toy goes big on pleasure, proving its design stands out amongst the rest.