Womanizer Duo

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Evaluation Summary

The Womanizer Duo jumps high in the garden of rabbits. It alleviates the clitoral positioning issue typically found with rabbits with its novel air pulse technology, which has also proven to enhance clitoral pleasure. This, and the seemingly “perfect” shape and size of the shaft takes your orgasms from good to great. Anyone who has an interest in a dual action toy will be hard pressed to find one better than the Womanizer Duo.


Womanizer Duo has a PleasureScore™ of 93/100, placing it #11 on the PleasureScore™ 2022 Vibrator Ranking Chart.

8 Reasons to Buy

  • A majority of women are ecstatic with the G-spot vibrator + clit stimulator combo — even those who couldn't usually climax were surprised that they could.

  • They're saying the angled shaft hits the G-Spot perfectly, and vibrates powerfully.

  • Because it uses air waves, the clitoral stimulation head doesn't require perfect alignment to pleasure.

  • It comes with two clit stimulator heads; one to deliver sensations with pinpoint accuracy and another for broader coverage.

  • Can easily be clipped between the legs for hands-free use.

  • The 12 speeds for the 10 vibration patterns cover both starting and experienced users.

  • It's completely waterproof; easily cleaned and can be used in bathtubs.

  • Women are loving the classy pouch that comes with it.

6 Reasons Not to Buy

  • A common complaint is that the charger gets easily disconnected.

  • There were a minority who mentioned the toy didn't fit well to hit the arousal points simultaneously.

  • A tiny minority found it bulky, comparing it to the size of a "travel hair dryer."

  • Rather complex user interface with many buttons.

  • An issue of its surface easily drying up was mentioned.

  • Some complained that their toy stopped working too soon but commended the smooth replacement service.



Make Womanizer (Based in Germany)
Type Air-pulse Vibrator, Rabbit Vibrator
Insertable size 4″ (length) × 1.3″ (widest width)
Bordeaux gold
Black gold
Dimensions 203 mm (length)
Product Weight 890 g / 1.96 lbs
Launched Q1 2019

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