5 Best Clitoral Vibrators, Rated by PleasureScore™

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Our Top Clitoral Vibrator Picks:

Clitoral stimulation is the primary goal for most women when using a sex toy. Luckily, there are so many to choose from, in so many shapes and sizes, that there is bound to be something that fits your needs perfectly. Wands, Bullets, Air-pulse vibrators and Wearables can all provide you with a different type of experience. That’s why we have scoured each category of toy, used real user reviews and our robust scoring system, to single out the absolute best in clitoral stimulators.

Choosing a Clitoral Vibrator - What to Consider

Power: For many users, power will be the most important factor when it comes to reaching climax. Some will prefer the pinpoint accuracy provided by a Bullet, while others enjoy the unrivalled power of a Wand. But remember, more is not always better. Experiencing discomfort is a sure sign that your device is a bit too powerful, while not reaching climax might mean it’s not powerful enough. Your body knows best, so be sure to listen to it. A sheet-clenching orgasm is always the best sign you’ve hit that power sweet spot.

Vibration Quality: The biggest difference between two devices of equal power is often the quality of vibrations provided. You are always looking for deep rumbly vibrations that penetrate deep into the tissue, as opposed to higher frequency vibrations that feel buzzy and cause numbness. When it comes to maximizing your pleasure, you want vibrations that rumble deep beneath the surface.

Versatility: Clitoral orgasms might be your primary reason for buying a sex toy but it doesn’t have to be the only one. Many devices geared towards clitoral stimulation often have different applications that can give you a little extra bang for your buck. Air-suction devices are fantastic when used on the skin or nipples, making it excellent for foreplay. Wands are so powerful they are used as legitimate massagers, while Bullets are surprisingly effective when slipped in-between you and your partner. The only thing better than a clitoral stimulator that does the job, is one that does just a little more.

It’s no surprise that the We-Vibe Tango tops our list of clitoral stimulators. The unmatched quality of its penetrating vibrations is what sets it apart from its competitors. Deep, rumbly, orgasm-inducing vibrations are focused into the gently-pointed tip and transmitted directly to your pleasure spot. Packed into a tiny Bullet, you’ll have no excuse to not have this with you wherever you go, ready to be used over and over and over again.

Similar to the We-Vibe Tango, the Doxy Die Cast also has incredibly high-quality vibrations that avoid numbing and discomfort. The weighty power of the Doxy die Cast is what makes it stand above the rest. Rarely do you get such high-quality rumbly vibrations with such tremendous power. The large head of the wand will cover the vulva and give an all-encompassing feeling of pleasure that is known to take your orgasm to the next level.

The welcome upgrade to the legendary Hitachi Wand (it’s even on Wikipedia) does away with the wires and loses nothing in the process. It still packs the same power you would expect from a Hitachi Wand, while giving you wireless freedom and a few extra power settings to help mix things up. Any fan of the previous model will be extremely happy with this upgrade and can be assured it hits the same quality bar set by Hitachi.

The outstanding ergonomic and innovative design of the We-Vibe Touch X is supported by a powerful motor hidden inside its smooth shell. The unique shape empowers the user by letting them alternate between pinpoint and broad vibrations on the fly. It’s also small and sleek enough to perfectly fit between two bodies, letting you enjoy this device with a partner just as much as you do alone. All of this, while still providing the power and vibration quality you need, makes the We-Vibe Touch X a necessary experiment for all those looking for the best in clitoral stimulation.

No product on the market looks quite like the Penguin Satisfyer. Its cute and quirky design may make it look like a toy, but it is certainly not designed for kids. The broad mouth of the Satisfyer helps the air-pulse vibrations completely envelop your clitoris and provide powerful stimulation. The sucking sensation can excite you in ways a traditional motorized toy can’t. It works just as well on your skin and nipples as it does on your clitoris, making this a fantastic tool for foreplay. The incredible quality of its air-pulse vibrations combined with its fun and practical design makes the Penguin Satisfyer a device worthy of your attention.