Fun Factory Patchy Paul

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Evaluation Summary

Sporting an excellent balance between rigidity and flexibility, the Patchy Paul is a well-rounded device that excels in multiple areas. The impressively large length of 6.5 inches is sure to satisfy those looking for deep penetration. Coupled with its ribbed shaft and bulbous curved head, you are assured rippling pleasure from your labia to your G-spot. Vibrations may not be as pronounced at the tip, leaving it lacking when it comes to pure clitoral stimulation. But that can hardly be called a drawback for this amazing insertable that makes good on all of its promises.


Fun Factory Patchy Paul has a PleasureScore™ of 85/100, placing it #39 on the PleasureScore™ 2022 Vibrator Ranking Chart.

12 Reasons to Buy

  • "Patchy Paul's curious nose is always pointed to pleasure the G-spot" – a significant percentage of reviewers agreed with Fun Factory's said claim. An expert praised, "The ‘nose’ of the Patchy Paul G5 really does know just where to hit and it firm enough to maintain pressure despite its flexible shaft."

  • A woman highlighted that its pliable shape and shaft made it comfortable for insertion; she discovered that she could reach orgasms by rocking it back and forth even without vibrations.

  • Another woman commended the ripples for providing pleasure during thrusting.

  • Overall, users commended the vibrations for being "impressively powerful," deep and rumbly. An expert elaborated, "The vibrations from the Patchy Paul G5 are impressively powerful. They’re not the strongest on the market but they are pretty damned decent for a vibe of this size and shape. The vibrations themselves have a buzz to them, which gets stronger on the more intense levels, but they still manage to be satisfyingly deep. There’s a resonance to them which I really enjoy."

  • Vibrations travel throughout the shaft well.

  • Users were pleased with the long battery run time. There were no battery-related complaints.

  • There is a travel-lock function to prevent the device from accidentally switching on in a bag.

  • It is 100% waterproof and can be submerged in water.

  • Its bright, candy-like colors commonly received praises.

  • Fitted with Fun Factory's signature looped handle, users appreciated the handling comfort.

  • The controls are intuitive: "+", "-" and the "FUN" start/stop button.

  • It is body-safe, odorless, and the silicone is of top quality—100% medical-grade.

6 Reasons Not to Buy

  • For a woman, Patchy Paul did not stimulate her G-spot well due to its straight shaft which lacks curve. She lamented, "I tried changing angles, I tried bending the toy slightly, but nothing quite worked. It felt good, certainly, but not great."

  • While the ripples are designed to enhance stimulation, a buyer noted that its soft silicone muted its feel.

  • Although the vibrations can be felt throughout the entire toy, it is noticeably weaker at its tip. Hence, Patchy Paul will not make a good choice for buyers intending to use it for strong clitoral stimulation.

  • The silicone tends to be draggy and requires plenty of lube for thrusting.

  • Its silicone texture easily attracts lint. Furthermore, the crease around Patchy Paul's "mouth" is a potential dirt trapper; buyers are advised to scrub it for sanitation.

  • Unfortunately, there is no storage pouch provided.



Make Fun Factory (Based in Germany)
Type G-spot Vibrator
Insertable size 6.5″ (length) × 1.1″ (widest width)
Fresh green
Candy rose
Rechargeable Yes
Body Safe Yes
Waterproof Yes. 100% waterproof.
Submersible Yes
Storage Pouch Included No
Launched Q1 2014 or earlier

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