Magic Wand Rechargeable

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Evaluation Summary

As difficult as it might be to improve upon perfection, the Magic Wand Rechargeable manages to do exactly that by stripping away the wires and leaving users completely untethered. This is all managed without losing a drop of power, while adding additional gentler settings for when you need to slow things down. Due to the inclusion of batteries, the Magic Wand Rechargeable is a little weightier than its predecessor. Whether this weight holds you back by causing hand fatigue or helps you enhance the pressure applied to your pleasure points will depend entirely on you. An absolutely worthy successor to the legendary Hitachi Wand, this is an upgrade not to be missed.


Magic Wand Rechargeable has a PleasureScore™ of 95/100, placing it #5 on the PleasureScore™ 2022 Vibrator Ranking Chart.

17 Reasons to Buy

  • A big majority —83%— enjoyed using the Vibratex Magic Wand Rechargeable for external stimulation.

  • Fans of the Magic Wand Original lauded the Rechargeable's two additional gentler speed settings (Low: 2,700rpms, Medium: 3,800rpms, High: 5,400rpms, Ultra: 6,300rpms (Compared to the Original Magic Wand: Low: 5,000 rpms, High: 6,000)).

  • A third of reviewers wrote they could consistently reach climax with the Magic Wand Rechargeable. According to them, orgasms comes quickly and sometimes repeatedly.

  • Its vibrations are powerful enough to stimulate through clothing. They can transmit through insertable toys like dildos, butt plugs, and, as one woman discovered, wearable strap-ons.

  • Its round head stimulates a broad area with vibrations that start out deep and rumbly with a hint of buzz on the two higher intensities. One woman particularly liked the sensation of the broad vibrations on her inner labia. Reviewers who needed more pinpoint stimulation found they could tilt the wand and use the ridge along the toy's head.

  • Compared to the Magic Wand Original's porous vinyl head, the Magic Wand Rechargeable's head is made of body-safe silicone. 24% of women highlighted its superior texture; one woman said it reminded her of how the Doxy Die Cast feels.

  • The Magic Wand Rechargeable is compatible with numerous attachments which are sold separately. Buyers especially favored the G-spotter, flutter, and nuzzle tip attachments.

  • Buyers commonly lauded the Magic Wand Rechargeable's variety of 4 vibration patterns.

  • It works well as a body massager.

  • It is rechargeable. According to reviews, its battery lasts a respectable 4.5 hours on a 3-hour charge.

  • Importantly, it can also be used while charging.

  • Its charger is compatible with foreign voltages from 100V to 240V, making it highly travel-friendly. The charger's cord is of a generous 7 ft (2.1 metres) length.

  • Testers remarked on how comfortable the toy felt in their hands. One woman wrote the edges felt better contoured—"the curves are more ergonomic"—than the Original.

  • The buttons are well-placed and easy to distinguish. They light up to indicate status.

  • Some reported that the Magic Wand Rechargeable tend to heat up under prolonged use, though not to the same distressing temperatures as the Original version.

  • A few users liked the Magic Wand Rechargeable for being sleeker than the Original. Its overall aesthetics remain nondescript. It is white with accents of blue and chrome and isn't immediately recognizable as a sex toy.

  • Despite costing more than twice that of the Magic Wand Original, a tenth of owners felt the Magic Wand Rechargeable's improvements were significant enough to win them over.

10 Reasons Not to Buy

  • A small minority of women could not appreciate the Magic Wand Rechargeable as it is too strong to them even on lowest speed.

  • It has a broad contact surface and is not ideal for pinpoint stimulation.

  • While it is not as noisy as the Magic Wand Original, it is nonetheless loud enough to be heard through closed doors and thin walls.

  • Leaving it to charge for more than 3 hours may cause overheat and damage.

  • A rather common gripe amongst users is its cumbersome speed navigation. To lower the speed, one has to cycle through all the intensities sequentially. Some also disliked that the speed of the patterns cannot be adjusted (the patterns vibrate at a level close to the third speed).

  • The Magic Wand Rechargeable received criticism for its size and weight; it is the same size as the Original but heavier due to the addition of a battery. A few users remarked it was unwieldy, particularly for use during intercourse.

  • It is non-waterproof and cannot be submerged.

  • The Magic Wand Rechargeable shuts off automatically after 20 minutes (a safety feature to prevent overheating), leaving users irritated.

  • It does not have a travel-lock.

  • A minority —7%— reported product malfunctions. For one, it would heat up markedly after 15 minutes and vibrations would weaken. Another's failed to charge after 3 months.



Make Vibratex (Based in USA)
Type Wand Vibrator/massager, Clitoral Vibrator
Head width 2.4″
Dimensions 330 mm (length) × 61 mm (widest head diameter)
Product Weight 590 g / 1.3 lbs
Rechargeable Yes
Battery Life Up to 3 hours on a full 3-hour charge
Body Safe Yes
Waterproof No
Storage Pouch Included No
Launched Q2 2015 or earlier

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