The PleasureScore Award 2022 Top 10 shortlist

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Our Top Vibrator Picks:

The PleasureScore Top 10 is our essential list of the absolute best products on the market in 2022. This list has no exceptions, bringing together the highest scoring devices from every available category.

This is the best place to start when trying to discern the right toy for you. Whether you are a beginner looking for a clue as to where to start, or a pro who is looking to mix things up with a new type stimulation. This list is formed using our in-depth scoring system to streamline the process of picking your ultimate partner in pleasure.

Thanks to its top performance and portability, the We-Vibe Tango received the top distinction in the PleasureScore Award 2022, reaffirming its title as the best of the best — a testament to its universal appeal. Very rumbly and powerful, the Tango stimulates tissues deep, leading to intense and satisfying pleasure.

The Doxy Die Cast screams quality from the top of its luxuriously curved head to the tip of its generous 10 ft tail. The incredible power of its vibrations is matched by their rumbly quality, providing deep penetrating pleasure. This high-end toy sits at the top for a reason and delivers on all fronts — looks, feel and most importantly, satisfaction.

Built to hit the G-spot with its body-hugging curved design, the Mona 2 is Lelo pulling out all the stops to produce an incredible, mid-sized internal vibrator. Pleasing to the eye and built with luxury in mind, it provides powerful vibrations supported by an excellent battery life. Its size is perfect for both beginners and experts, finding a nice sweet-spot that the majority of users will love.

The Magic Wand Rechargeable is the follow up to the iconic Hitachi Magic Wand and thankfully, it’s as good as you’d expect. Ditching the cord and adding additional gentler settings nets you more freedom than ever without any sacrifices in power. It’s a worthy successor to a “legendary” forerunner, proving that for those that upgrade, things can get just a little more magical.

Fun Factory Tiger earns its high ranking by providing excellent features across the board. Powerful vibrations and a textured shaft are controlled by an ergonomic handle and packed into this fantastic waterproof device. With a body that finds a nice balance between rigidity and flexibility, it can easily keep up with vigorous thrusting motions, giving you total control. The Tiger fails at nothing and excels at a lot, making it a safe choice for those who aren’t yet experienced enough to know what they need and perfect for those who do.

The simple elegance of the We-Vibe Touch is evident the moment you lay eyes on it. Its smooth sweeping curves look stunning and feel even better. Effortless to hold and position, you have complete control over the deep rumbly vibrations through its intelligently shaped tip. For a compact toy, the performance is unmatched and its vibrations on the par with the best toys available.

Everyone needs to start somewhere and when it comes to G-spot stimulation, we suggest the We-Vibe Rave. It is fully featured with an ergonomic design that fits your body well and a size that is filling but not overwhelming. The powerful rumbly vibrations are exactly what you should be looking for to satisfy not just your G-spot but clitoris too, making this an excellent toy to help you learn what excites you the most.

Sometimes size does matter and the Hot Octopuss Kurve proves it. Its length and girth are designed to provide deep, filling insertion that hit your deepest pleasure points. More than just size, the Octopuss Kurve enables incredibly precise control over vibration frequency-sets that work just as well externally as they do internally.

Sporting a seemingly “perfect” shape, the Womanizer Duo is a beautifully constructed toy. The air-pulse technology employed helps to alleviate complications when positioning around the clitoris, granting you greater freedom. All of your energy can be focused on the depth and angle of the insertable shaft, ensuring you maximize the length and girth of the device to hit the G-spot. The Womanizer Duo goes a long way in making dual-stimulation consistent and easy, making it the best Rabbit on the market today.

Comfortably joining the Womanizer Duo at the top, the We-Vibe Melt pools all of its efforts into one thing – the absolute pinnacle of air-pulse technology. This toy fully delivers on the promise of contactless clitoral pleasure through its impressive tech and functional form. Small, discreet and easy to use during intercourse. When it comes to air-pulse vibrators, the We-Vibe Melt is impressive in all categories and top of the class in most.