5 Best Bullet Vibrators, Rated by PleasureScore

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Our Top Bullet Vibrator Picks:

Bullet vibrators are an essential part of any woman's sex toy repertoire. Small, powerful and simple to use, the bullet is the go-to device that will live in your draw or handbag, ready to use at a moment's notice. We have searched through hundreds of product reviews and used real customer experiences to bring you a robust scoring system, helping you decide which device suits your needs best. Every aspect has been thoroughly looked at and graded. Shape, size, power and overall aesthetics are just a few factors we look at to help you pick the perfect toy to leave you satisfied.

Things to Consider When Buying a Bullet Vibrator

Vibration quality: The most important thing about a vibrator is, of course, the vibrations. They are generally divided between buzzy and rumbly, with rumbly vibrations providing a much deeper and fulfilling sensation. On the other hand, buzzy vibrations tend to cause numbness and sometimes even discomfort due to its higher frequency. When it comes to maximizing your pleasure, you want vibrations that rumble deep beneath the surface.

How are vibrations concentrated? Feeling the vibrations in your hand and fingers is a natural negative side-effect of using a bullet, which causes an unpleasant numbing sensation especially during prolonged use. The more this can be alleviated, the better the design. Every pulse and rumble should be directed to the tip, giving you complete control of your own stimulation.

Shape of the tip: The shape of the tip will decide how the vibrations are distributed. Usually this falls under two categories: pinpoint or broad. As the names suggest, one will provide precise pinpoint vibrations to the exact spot, while the other offers larger coverage across a bigger area. Certain bullets can be a hybrid of the two, perfect for those who like to let the mood take them. It’s all down to personal preference, so with a little experimentation, you will find which one is right for you.

Though the We-Vibe Tango looks like a typical bullet vibe, what sets itself apart from the competition is the quality of its vibrations. Very rumbly and powerful, the Tango stimulates tissues deep, leading to intense and satisfying pleasure. We-Vibe Tango is an incredible mix of size, power and price, scoring highly in almost all areas. Without a doubt this is one of the best all round bullets on the market.

The We-Vibe Tango X is easy to use, packs the deep-rumbly punch you expect, all while coming in a stunningly modern package. Look and feel are the biggest upgrades from the original Tango, while the power remains roughly the same. The new travel lock and additional intensity levels are nice additions, presenting this as a fully featured Bullet for those that need it all. The We-Vibe Tango X might fall a little short of its predecessor, but manages to best the rest of the competition by having all the bells and whistles you could want in a Bullet.

The striking design of the Hot Octopuss Amo cannot be denied, making it a surprise gift that is sure to excite. Taking a different approach to the competition, this Bullet provides crowd pleasing innovation where it counts. A wide silicone-covered head adorns the toy, giving it a much softer and wider tip than its counterparts, enabling both pinpoint and broader stimulation. All of this, without sacrificing the powerful vibrations you require, makes this an absolute must for anyone looking for a softer sensation from their bullet.

The Screaming O Charged Vooom has earned its place among the best in the bullet category for good reason. Incredibly powerful and rumbly vibrations pack an amazing punch at an almost inaudible level of silence. Wrap that all up with an incredible price tag and the Screaming O Charged Vooom becomes an absolute no-brainer for the savvy purchaser.

As one of the best-looking bullets on the market, Crave Bullet gives a sense of subtle sophistication that sets it apart from the others. At only 2.5 inches, it is astoundingly small while still providing the power and discreetness you demand. Little touches like the 1.5-hour battery life and the addition of a removable silicone sleeve contribute to the overall impressive package. The Crave Bullet goes big on style and quality but keeps everything else as small as possible. The tiny price tag mirrors the tiny build, cementing it as the toy that lives in your pocket without anyone knowing.