Doxy Original

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Evaluation Summary

The Doxy Massager is a no-frills workhorse. Straightforward and easy to use, its vibration intensity can be adjusted from gentle to strong, so it's easy on a beginner and also able to please the most demanding of power lovers.

There were some sanitary concerns on its PVC-material head, however fears can be put to rest as Doxy has confirmed that it is non-porous and "free from latex or undesirable phthalates." Purchasers who prefer a silicone head can instead consider the Doxy Die Cast or Doxy Number 3.


Doxy Original has a PleasureScore™ of 92/100, placing it #17 on the PleasureScore™ 2022 Vibrator Ranking Chart.

12 Reasons to Buy

  • Vibrations are powerful and broad.

  • Over 40% of women highlighted how quick and satisfying orgasms were.

  • The Doxy Massager's head is reportedly comfortable against the skin. It is plush, squishy, and smooth.

  • The extensive range of speed settings is laudable. Women also found the pulse pattern great for warming up.

  • Couples enjoyed using it during foreplay and intercourse. A woman wrote, "I discovered the endless fun of placing the Doxy on my partner’s abdomen when I’m in cowgirl position so that the wand is pressed against my clitoris as we have sex."

  • The PVC head is detachable for cleaning, and is waterproof, body-safe, and nonporous.

  • The head is also interchangeable with other compatible head attachments such as the Hitachi Magic Wand's.

  • The power cord is amply long for convenience; users appreciated its 3 meter (9.1 ft) power cord.

  • Almost 1 in 4 reviewers highlighted how ergonomic and easy its controls are. The buttons are large and easy to press.

  • Its build quality is laudable, seemingly built to last. There were no reports of product defects.

  • The packaging is study and ideal for storage.

  • There was a user who pointed out how its in-built adaptor, with varying outlet voltages, makes it safe and convenient for traveling.

8 Reasons Not to Buy

  • The Doxy Massager’s head is made of PVC and this raised hygienic concerns among some users. Despite Doxy stating that "the soft head covering is made from a hypoallergenic non-porous PVC that is free from latex or undesirable phthalates," users were skeptical if it was really non-porous.

  • Measuring over a foot long and weighing over half a kilo (1.14lbs), a couple of owners found it large and unwieldly.

  • Some experts disliked that the higher settings felt somewhat buzzy. One wrote, "there has been an occasion or two where I’ve come so fast and so hard it’s quickly become… unpleasant."

  • While its volume was generally found to be acceptable on lower settings, owners complained that it is noisy on higher settings.

  • The body and handle aren’t waterproof, which makes cleaning difficult.

  • According to an expert, the Doxy Massager's bulky head makes it difficult to use in tandem with a dildo.

  • A small percentage of purchasers complained that even on low vibration settings, the vibrations can be felt strongly in the handle, causing discomfort.

  • Some 13% of reviewers complained of its tendency to heat up after 15 minutes of use. They felt uncomfortable; even painful for one.



Make Doxy (Based in UK)
Type Wand Vibrator/massager
Head width 2.4″
Roses limited edition
Dimensions 370 mm (length) × 61 mm (widest head diameter)
Product Weight 516 g / 1.14 lbs
Rechargeable No. Wall powered.
Body Safe Head is body-safe (PVC material)
Waterproof No
Storage Pouch Included No

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