5 Best Rabbit Vibrators, Rated by PleasureScore

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Our Top Rabbit Vibrator Picks:

Rabbit vibrators are the ultimate device when it comes to dual-stimulation. The only thing better than clitoral and G-spot pleasure, is hitting both spots simultaneously and reaching new heights of ecstasy. Rabbits are specifically designed with this in mind and use a dual pronged shape to achieve maximum pleasure. This range of toys has seen a huge variety of innovations in pursuit of creating the perfect device for all body shapes and sizes. Through our diligent research into each product on the market, we have complied a list of the best Rabbits available using real customer and product reviews. To get things started, we have created a quick list of things to look out for when buying your first, or latest, Rabbit vibrator.

How to Choose the Right Rabbit for You

Adjustability: Dual stimulation can be difficult to achieve because everyone’s body is so unique. That means, the more flexible and adjustable your Rabbit is, the more likely you are to hit both pleasure spots. Consistently hitting the clitoris and G-spot simultaneously is the sign of a good Rabbit and will be the thing you seek out above all else.

Shape, size and angle: Though Rabbits typically come with two ‘ears’ positioned around the clitoris; modern innovations mean that this is frequently no longer the case. The ‘ears’ are often replaced by bulbous heads, curved phallus shapes and even air-vibrators, leading to an incredible amount of diversity. This variety also extends to the insertable portion; from question mark curves to realistic penis shapes, from ribbed to rippling and everything in between. Your device needs to fit your body and there are plenty of options on offer to make sure you find the right one for you.

Handle design: Avoiding discomfort and fatigue is key to keeping you focused on the task at hand. The main culprit for these issues is typically the handle. Luckily, there are as many innovations in this area as there are in vibration motors and aesthetics. Everyone will have their own personal preference about what suits them best but for beginners, we suggest starting with a looped handle which are universally praised for their comfort and ease of use.

Sporting a seemingly “perfect” shape the Womanizer Duo is a beautifully constructed toy. The air-pulse technology employed helps to alleviate complications when positioning around the clitoris. You are granted more freedom to focus on the depth and angle of the insertable shaft, ensuring you maximize the length and girth of the device to hit the G-spot. The Womanizer Duo goes a long way in making dual-stimulation consistent and easy, making it our “Best Overall” Rabbit.

The We-Vibe Nova 2 improves over its predecessor in every way without losing any of the features that made the device great to start with. The toy’s ergonomics have been improved from top to bottom, making fantastic use of deep curves that work around your body. Increased comfort in your hand means fatigue is not a problem and you can focus on finding that perfect position to hit both spots. The We-Vibe Nova 2 is a perfect example of a toy designed to fit its purpose absolutely, dual stimulation is less of a promise with the Nova 2 and more of a guarantee.

The concept behind the Lelo Enigma is quite unlike other Rabbit vibrators. Its name points to the inspiration behind its shape, heavily mimicking the form of a question mark. This bulbous, rounded head is focused less on thrusting and deep penetration. Instead, it is purely focused on seeking out the G-spot, applying pressure where it counts. The secondary prong sports an air-pulse vibrator similar to the Womanizer Duo, enabling clitoral stimulation from any angle and letting you focus solely on finding the G-spot. Unconcerned with creating a catchall product, the Lelo Enigma is the perfect example of what happens when laser-focused design, leads to industry shaping innovation.

The Lelo Soraya 2 is such a stunning work of art, that you are as likely to display it on a shelf as you are to hide away in your draw. Technically a vast improvement over its predecessor, the Soraya 2 improves on all the key features of a Rabbit vibrator while further improving the aesthetics and ergonomics. Most importantly, the Soraya 2 feels as good as it looks. The smooth, sleek and slightly bulbous shaft is easy to insert and maneuver, while still providing a filling sensation and rumbly vibrations. Just like how a well-presented meal can enhance its flavor, the enticing design of Soraya 2 increases excitement and leaves you fantasizing about your next session.

The Fun Factory Miss Bi is here to reinforce the notion that sometimes size really does matter. Its impressive 5-inch length is matched by its equally impressive 5-inches of girth at its widest point. Independent motors in each arm gives you precise control over where you want to feel the vibrations most. This device is for those that prioritize that filling sensation above all else, while still retaining all of the high-end features you expect from a Rabbit vibrator.