Vibratex Mystic Wand

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Evaluation Summary

The Vibratex Mystic Wand is a relatively small and lightweight wand, yet it packs the power to appease most women. Cordless and operated by 4 AA-batteries, it is a decent choice for convenience and portability.


Vibratex Mystic Wand has a PleasureScore™ of 86/100, placing it #37 on the PleasureScore™ 2022 Vibrator Ranking Chart.

13 Reasons to Buy

  • Some users appreciated that using AA batteries, they need not have to wait for the toy to charge.

  • According to purchasers, the Mystic Wand is easy to use and operate; its buttons are big enough to feel and easy to press.

  • Quite commonly, owners lauded the wand's soft and smooth silicone head. They said that it feels nice and comfortable against their skin. Its material is also body-safe and hygienic.

  • Measuring about 8¼″ long with a diameter of about 2″, users said that it is comfortable to hold and small enough to target their intimate areas; some even wrote that it is compact enough to fit/wedge between their partners during intercourse. "We were impressed by how compact it was and never felt like it was in the way."

  • Users and experts, including power lovers alike generally concurred that the Mystic Wand's vibrations are strong and powerful. They noted that it isn't as strong as a mains powered wand like the Hitachi Magic Wand, but it is nevertheless powerful, as one wrote, "as powerful as one could hope for on 4 AA batteries!" An expert perceived its lower speed vibrations to be rumbly, whereas its medium to higher speeds are "on the buzzier side."

  • Due in part to its adequate vibration intensity and quality, a significant proportion of women found the Mystic Wand effective; they commonly experienced orgasms (and multiple orgasms), which were described as "amazing," "thrilling," "intense," and for one, a "yummy thigh quaking orgasm."

  • Users commonly commended the wand's variety of vibration speeds and patterns. There are three speeds to allow a gradual, low to high build up. There are also three patterns.

  • Some women appreciated its flexible neck which helps maneuvering the toy to the right spot.

  • The Mystic Wand is body-safe; BPA, phthalate & latex free.

  • Users were delighted that the toy is splash proof; "shower-friendly" according to the manufacturer. One discovered that it works well in the hot tub.

  • Aside from intimate use, several owners discovered the toy's utility as a general body massager and for muscle relief.

  • For expansive pleasures, one can purchase additional head attachments such as the rabbit style attachment.

  • It comes with a drawstring satin carrying pouch.

9 Reasons Not to Buy

  • The Mystic Wand was not powerful enough to amply satisfy seekers of intense power—a minority 11% of reviewers surveyed.

  • As the head is broad and pronounced, it is not suitable for pinpoint clitoral stimulation

  • Comments on how long the AA batteries would last were rather split. While there was a user who wrote they lasted longer than 30 minutes, more others claimed that the batteries ran out rather quickly. Alkaline- or Lithium-based batteries are recommended for a longer run time.

  • According to three separate accounts, the device shorts out when the batteries are fitted in the wrong order. One discovered that it shorted out and made an "awful burning rubber smell." Users lamented that it is difficult to see which way the batteries ought to be fitted in.

  • It is slightly loud. A married couple with teenage children revealed that they could only use it when the house is empty.

  • The material of the head attracts lint and dust. Grooves in the head require tedious cleaning.

  • A user was annoyed that the settings cannot be scrolled back and forth; only in a cyclical manner.

  • An owner discovered and cautioned that the toy would get very hot after prolonged use (more than an hour).

  • More than a-tenths of purchasers discovered defects and durability issues with their products, such as failure to vibrate after first use or within a month, smoke from the batteries, and the plastic rubber top becoming loose. Some issues could perhaps be attributed to the wrong placement of batteries.



Make Vibratex (Based in USA)
Type Wand Vibrator/massager, Clitoral Vibrator
Head width 1.9″
Dimensions 210 mm (length) × 48 mm (widest head diameter)
Rechargeable No (Uses 4xAA batteries)
Body Safe Yes
Waterproof Yes
Submersible Yes
Storage Pouch Included Yes
Launched Q2 2010 or earlier

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