Magic Wand Original

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Evaluation Summary

The Magic Wand Original has come a long way. Sworn by Japanese housewives in the 60s (and possibly handed down to generations), it is a tried and tested vibrator to help women achieve orgasms.

Except for one: It wasn't designed to be a vibrator from the start (or was it?). Marketed as a back/body massager in the 60s, it found its way into intimate uses, a secret shared among Japanese housewives; so effective, so mystical and pleasurable that it earned its legendary status.

For PR reasons, Hitachi has ceased and dissociated itself from the product. But fortunately, it is now represented by an American company, Vibratex, so it is not too late to own one. Grab a piece of the Hitachi Magic Wand legend today!


Magic Wand Original has a PleasureScore™ of 91/100, placing it #19 on the PleasureScore™ 2022 Vibrator Ranking Chart.

7 Reasons to Buy

  • A large majority of reviewers found the Vibratex Magic Wand Original (formerly the Hitachi Magic Wand) highly stimulating. Orgasms were frequently said to be easy to achieve and intense. Consecutive and multiple orgasms weren't uncommonly heard.

  • The vibrations are powerful enough to be enjoyed even through clothing.

  • It can be used to vibrate a dildo; just place it at the base of the dildo.

  • According to some reviewers, due to the Magic Wand's flexible neck, it's useful during intercourse, especially in doggy and cowgirl positions.

  • True to its marketing, the Magic Wand Original works well as a body massager.

  • Purchasers can get more sensations out of it by purchasing compatible attachments.

  • Its packaging is nondescript and discreet. It features innocent pictures of men and women massaging their backs.

13 Reasons Not to Buy

  • A minority of reviewers disliked it because it was too powerful even on lower settings.

  • Due to its sheer intensity, a reviewer wrote that orgasms came too quick and easy that they were "unfulfilling," while another said it is hard to have a "slow comedown" after orgasm. Not uncommonly, reviewers experienced numbness too.

  • It has only two vibration intensities. Some 13% of owners said they wished it had more intensities.

  • The head is very broad and may not work with buyers who prefer pinpoint stimulation.

  • It is loud. While there were users who agreed that it isn't unreasonably loud for its strength, it can be heard through doors and walls.

  • There were mixed comments on its handling comfort. Some noted no handle vibrations but an equal number felt their fingers become numb after a few minutes.

  • It is fairly large, and according to some couples, its bulk and weight makes it clumsy to use during intercourse. An expert revealed, "As for intercourse, the size and cord are a bit cumbersome, but positions like doggy and cowgirl are quite accommodating."

  • It is not body safe; its vinyl, porous head raised hygienic and sanitary concerns.

  • There are crevices in the toy which require more effort to clean.

  • Several owners complained that its power cord is a tad short at 6'1" (1.85 meters).

  • It cannot be used for more than 25 minutes for it will overheat. It requires 30 minutes to cool down.

  • Some 6% of reviewers encountered product defects.

  • It looks dated, "like a relic from the 80's."



Make Vibratex (Based in USA)
Type Wand Vibrator/massager
Head width 2.4″
Dimensions 305 mm (length) × 61 mm (widest head diameter)
Product Weight 540 g / 1.19 lbs
Rechargeable No (Wall powered)
Body Safe No
Waterproof No
Storage Pouch Included No

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