Rocks-Off Ignition: Review & Ranking


Rank: #62 of 123 vibrators worldwide

Make: Rocks-Off (Based in UK)

Type: Bullet Vibrator, Clit Vibrator



Rechargeable: Yes

Battery Life: Up to 60 minutes on a full charge

Body Safe: Yes

Waterproof: Yes

Submersible: Yes

Storage Pouch Included: No

Product Rank

Rocks-Off Ignition has a PleasureScore™ of 65/100, placing it #62 on the PleasureScore™ 2018 Vibrator Ranking Chart.

The Bottom Line

Shaped like a bullet, the Rocks-Off Ignition's pointed end received commendations for its ability to deliver focused, targeted stimulation. There were minor gripes, but on the overall, many perceived the toy to be a great choice because of its price to performance. The Ignition is a highly considerable option for the budget conscious buyer.

12 reasons to buy

1.A substantial percentage of reviewers experienced intense orgasms with it. An expert narrated that the vibrations have a wonderful fluttering quiver to them and manage to ripple deep in to the body, while another enjoyed how the vibrations travel from the clitoris to my G-spot and back.
2.It can fit into and power any RO-80mm compatible dildo.
3.Reviewers agreed that it is powerful at its highest speed and can penetrate through clothing.
4.Due to its pointed shape, vibrations are focused and concentrated, to the liking of a significant proportion of women.
5.Also due to its pointed shape, users revealed that it is fun for nipple teasing.
6.Reviewers frequently praised the variety of the Ignition's 7 patterns.
7.Its compact form makes it intercourse friendly, or for pairing with a dildo.
8.It is rechargeable via USB, a convenience purchasers appreciated.
9.It is well engineered: made with high-grade ABS plastic, sturdy, odorless, and body-safe.
10.It is submersible, waterproof, and easy to clean.
11.Many loved its sleek, metallic appearance.
12.Priced at approx. $20 (, February 2018), some users and experts found the Ignition to be a reliable and lower priced alternative to the We-Vibe Tango.

9 reasons not to buy

1.There were several concerns about the toy heating up quickly.
2.There were minority complaints about the toy being too light and lacking the weight to apply enough pressure on its own, or lacking power.
3.Being rather pointed, a minority found it too focused and pinpoint for their liking.
4.It is rather noisy on higher settings, so much so that one lamented sounds like a swarm of angry wasps, and after a while I found it a bit distracting.
5.Several women did not like how vibrations could be felt at the handle too.
6.It gets slippery when used with lubricant.
7.Users frequently found its single button interface clumsy as they had to cycle through all available settings to reach to a previous one. Furthermore, several found its button hard to press.
8.It lasts a relatively short 1-hour on a full charge, and lacks a low-battery indicator.
9.It does not come with a storage pouch.

This assessment and grading was based on +1 expert review and +15 verified user reviews. Dated . Read our ranking methodology. Own a Rocks-Off Ignition? We invite you to submit a Rocks-Off Ignition review.

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