PalmPower Massager

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Evaluation Summary

The PalmPower Massager is a performer when it comes to power. It outperforms the legendary Hitachi Magic Wand and modern wands such as the LELO SmartWands. Beginners and power lovers alike were pleased with the stimulation it provides through its smoothly adjustable vibration speeds. Despite being plagued with durability issues and gripes with its speed controls, the PalmPower Massager is still an above average vibrator and has received recommendations considering its budget-friendly price.


PalmPower Massager has a PleasureScore™ of 84/100, placing it #48 on the PleasureScore™ 2022 Vibrator Ranking Chart.

9 Reasons to Buy

  • Purchasers frequently lauded the PalmPower Massager for its small and compact size compared to other wands. Some discovered that it "gets in the way less" during intercourse.

  • Users and experts alike commended the strength of its vibrations. They unanimously found it intensely powerful; more so than the renowned Hitachi/Vibratex Magic Wand Original. An expert said, "It outshines my old Hitachi and even the LELO SmartWands in terms of power."

  • Commonly, experts also praised the quality of its vibrations for being rumbly and deep at low or high settings.

  • Due to its effective vibrations, near all women revealed that they experienced highly pleasurable orgasms, sometimes quick and multiple. A satisfied owner revealed that she had "8-10 orgasms in less than ten minutes. I have never experienced orgasms at this rate with any other toy."

  • The silicone cap is non-porous and therefore does not harbor bacteria. It is also body-safe and detachable for rinsing and cleaning.

  • Owners are able to purchase other head attachments for varied sensation; such as the "Down Under" head for G-spot or prostate stimulation.

  • There were two users who revealed that the toy also works well for males.

  • Some users liked the assurance that being plugged in, the toy would never run out of power. Users commonly praised its long, over 8' (nearly 2.5m) cord.

  • It comes with multiple adaptor plugs for international use.

12 Reasons Not to Buy

  • It is mains powered.

  • At least two women were irritated by the protruding silicone cap. It overhangs from the toy's head and would often pinch onto their skin.

  • Securing the cap to its head can be tricky sometimes.

  • Increasing the speed is done by pressing and holding a button, then releasing it when the desired speed is met. While users lauded the ability to increase the speed variably instead of fixed increments, they also found it annoying when the device shuts off if the button was pressed too briefly.

  • A common gripe amongst purchasers is that there is no way to decrease the speed without turning the device off and on; the speed controls only go from low to high, not vice-versa.

  • Two experts disliked that strong vibrations can be felt in the handle, which could lead to hand numbness.

  • The relatively high occurrences of defect reports suggest quality and build issues. Common reports include (a) power cord failures—in one case it was finicky right out the box, (b) rattling/buzzing sound after several uses, and in several cases (c) outright failure and (d) shorted electrical circuits.

  • There was a negative comment from a user who mentioned that the detachable power cord occasionally comes out during use.

  • The PalmPower Massager is neither waterproof nor splash proof.

  • Some complained that cleaning requires extra effort due to the ridges in the neck of the toy (they had to use Q-tips or toothbrush to clean thoroughly) and the fact that fluids can get under the detachable cap.

  • While some owners were contented that it is quieter than other similarly powerful wands, more others wished it were quieter. One assimilated its volume to that of a "loud electric hair trimmer."

  • An expert discovered that due to the top heavy characteristic of the toy, keeping a grip on the toy and its controls while the toy is wedged between two bodies during intercourse can be challenging.



Make Palmpower (A BMS Factory brand) (Based in Canada)
Type Wand Vibrator/massager, Clitoral Vibrator
Head width 1.5″
Dimensions 190 mm (length), 38 mm (head thickness)
Rechargeable No
Body Safe Yes (100% Silicone Head Attachment)
Waterproof No
Storage Pouch Included No
Launched Q1 2013 or earlier

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