Je Joue Uma: Review & Ranking


Rank: #18 of 123 vibrators worldwide

Make: Je Joue (Based in UK)

Type: G-spot Vibrator



Rechargeable: Yes

Body Safe: Yes

Waterproof: Yes

Submersible: Yes

Insertable Size: 165 mm (insertable length), 36 mm (thickest insertable part), 24 mm (thinnest insertable part)

Storage Pouch Included: No

Product Rank

Je Joue Uma has a PleasureScore™ of 86/100, placing it #18 on the PleasureScore™ 2018 Vibrator Ranking Chart.

The Bottom Line

The Je Joue Uma has a high rating and is one of the favorites among women due to its well-balanced attributes: unintimidating and comfortable shape for insertion, reasonably-strengthed vibrations, quietness in operation, and pleasing appearance and texture. But it has to be mentioned too, that a minority found its size too slender and unfulfilling, or its vibrations strength inadequate. All in all, the Uma will make a great choice for beginners to explore some G-spot fun, but may leave experienced users and power lovers wanting.

10 reasons to buy

1.Owners frequently lauded the intense and consistent G-spot orgasms delivered by the Je Joue Uma.
2.Commonly, reviewers said that it hits the G-spot easily due to its shape.
3.Reviewers frequently praised the quality of its vibrations, said to have a balance of rumble and buzz.
4.A considerable percentage of users enjoyed the texture of the Uma's silicone coat. An expert commended that the silicone is better than the silicone used in Lelo products, whereas another added that it is velvety and delicately smooth.
5.Women often praised its distinctive range of patterns.
6.It performs relatively quietly.
7.Uma's ergonomic handle lends it for use in a variety of positions, including during intercourse or occasionally hands-free.
8.It is sturdy and well built. Made with FDA approved silicone, it is is body-safe, phthalate-free, hypoallergenic, and non-porous.
9.It is 100% waterproof, as confirmed by many. Additionally, its silicone was commonly praised for praised for being seamless and easy to clean.
10.Its elegant and minimalistic appearance were frequently lauded.

8 reasons not to buy

1.While a good portion of women found the Uma pleasurable for internal stimulation, there were others who felt its size wasn't ideal; one in three reviewers found it either too slender or too firm to be comfortably inserted.
2.It's debatable whether it can be used for thrusting; an equal number of reviewers' sentiments lie on either side.
3.One expert's notable complaint is that its curve is too gentle and its head not large enough to hit her G-spot.
4.It does not serve as a clitoral stimulator due to its shape.
5.While a considerable number of users liked its vibration strength, there were others who complained that the vibrations are inadequate.
6.Frequently, reviewers were annoyed at how difficult to press its buttons were.
7.There were common complaints on charging. The magnets are reportedly weak and finicky and disconnects easily disconnected unless the toy is placed on a level surface.
8.No storage pouch is provided.

This assessment and grading was based on +3 expert reviews and +13 verified user reviews. Dated . Read our ranking methodology. Own a Je Joue Uma? We invite you to submit a Je Joue Uma review.

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