Vibratex Mystic Wand Rechargeable

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Evaluation Summary

Vibratex, the maker of the legendary Hitachi Magic Wand Magic Wand Original has unleashed a smaller wand that is portable, rechargeable, and splash proof. To the disappointment of some power lovers, the Mystic Rechargeable Wand does not have the strength and power that the Magic Wand is renowned for. There are many praiseworthy attributes, but it is a shame that its silicone cover frequently peels up, for in the absence of such defect, the Vibratex Mystic Rechargeable Wand would realize a greater score.


Vibratex Mystic Wand Rechargeable has a PleasureScore™ of 48/100, placing it #141 on the PleasureScore™ 2022 Vibrator Ranking Chart.

12 Reasons to Buy

  • The purchasers admired its modern, gender neutral look over its predecessor.

  • Frequently, reviewers praised its vibrations to be rather strong and rumbly.

  • A user was pleased to discover vibrations were obscured at the handle.

  • Women commonly commended the size of its head for being just right—not too broad, not too narrow—for clitoral/labia stimulation.

  • The flexibility of its neck is often acknowledged in reviews. It allows easy positioning to reach the "right spot."

  • Very frequently, owners lauded the inclusion of function buttons in several areas of the toy for ease of accessibility. They can be found on the front and back of the toy, and towards the base.

  • Purchasers unanimously found its curved handle ergonomic and comfortable to hold.

  • It is cordless and rechargeable, and according to a tester, it lasts a long time on a full charge.

  • It can be used while charging.

  • Its operating volume is perceived to be quiet to moderate and cannot be heard through walls. At least, no users complained on its noise.

  • It is body-safe; made of BPA, phthalate- and latex-free silicone.

  • This wand is compatible with the original Mystic Wand's attachments, though will not work with Hitachi wand attachments.

9 Reasons Not to Buy

  • Commonly, purchasers wished it were more powerful. An expert elaborated, "I would give the Mystic Wand Rechargeable highest setting a 1-2 rating on a 1 to 5 scale."

  • Its vibrations were said to be "a bit more buzzy" than the original Mystic Wand.

  • While purchasers found the curved handle ergonomic, one revealed that it could be awkward in certain positions, such as when lying on her back.

  • Though splash proof, it is not waterproof and cannot be submerged in water.

  • While the inclusion of buttons on several areas of the toy provide convenient access, some complained that it also led to accidental presses.

  • There is no "back" button. Users have to circle through all the 3 speeds and 3 patterns.

  • Several purchasers were disappointed that for its price, it does not come with a storage pouch.

  • Owners frequently complained that it is time-consuming to clean as its silicone texture attracts plenty of lint and dust; furthermore there are many crevices in the toy.

  • Frequently, owners discovered the silicone cover of their wands peeling up, which should be a no-no considering its relatively high price tag. For its price, users said they expected better craftsmanship.



Make Vibratex (Based in USA)
Type Wand Vibrator/massager
Head width 1.6″
Dimensions 210 mm (length), 41 mm (head diameter at widest)
Rechargeable Yes
Waterproof No (But splash proof)
Submersible No
Storage Pouch Included No

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