Lovehoney Classic Magic Wand: Review & Ranking


Rank: #39 of 123 vibrators worldwide

Make: Lovehoney (Based in UK)

Type: Wand Vibrator/massager, Clit Vibrator

Rechargeable: No (Wall powered)

Body Safe: Unknown (Phthalates-free)

Waterproof: No

Product Dimensions: 330 mm (length)

Storage Pouch Included: No

Product Rank

Lovehoney Classic Magic Wand has a PleasureScore™ of 75/100, placing it #39 on the PleasureScore™ 2018 Vibrator Ranking Chart.

The Bottom Line

The Lovehoney Classic Magic Wand received near unanimous praises for the pleasure it delivered. Women concurred that it is stimulating and amply powered. Its loudness and short cord were common gripes. Despite its uninspiring appearance, the Lovehoney Classic Magic Wand is a performer and will make a solid purchase.

11 reasons to buy

1.An impressive 90% majority said they enjoyed using the Lovehoney Classic Magic Wand for external stimulation or that it brought them to climax. At the least, about 40% of women reported frequent and consistent orgasms. Women using the Classic Magic Wand were able to climax quickly and easily; some could prolong the experience, and one woman had her first ever multiple orgasm.
2.Purchasers nearly unanimously agree the Classic Magic Wand's vibrations are powerful. Even on its lowest intensity, it made some climax; another woman said it she orgasmed using it over her clothing.
3.According to testers, the toy's scroll wheel provides precise control of vibration intensity.
4.Vibrations are delivered through a firm, broad head. The head is positioned on a flexible neck, which allows users to apply pressure from different positions. The widespread vibrations "consume" one's intimate zones and allow one to stimulate "critical areas" with little concentration.
5.Men too were also able to enjoy the Classic Magic Wand; the sensations of the vibrating head on the perineum and tip of the penis were reportedly pleasant. The strength of the vibrations allows both partners to enjoy them during intercourse.
6.Attachments are separately available. Reviewers particularly liked the dildo attachment; an owner dissatisfied with the toy's performance as a clitoral vibrator wrote, "... with an attachment that works internally, this is a whole different ballgame...the buzzy irritant of a clit stimulator becomes a deep and rumbly G-spot vibe, and a super-fast orgasm is almost guaranteed...Ramp the dial up, and it’s all over faster than the speed of light."
7.A third of reviewers reported being able to use it successfully with their partners; one added it enhanced her experience of anal sex.
8.It also works as a body massager. Buyers particularly enjoyed using it for the back, neck, and shoulders.
9.About half the women surveyed mentioned they found it convenient the Classic Magic Wand is mains-powered. They liked not having to worry about the vibrations weakening or dying during use, or having to charge the toy at all.
10.Praises for the Classic Magic Wands quality materials and manufacturing were common.
11.One reviewer remarked on the packaging: it is simple, sturdy, and suitable for storage.

10 reasons not to buy

1.About a quarter of owners, though some still enjoyed frequently using the Classic Magic Wand, wrote the vibrations, even on the lowest setting, could feel too intense. A small 9% minority did not enjoy the Classic Magic Wand for external stimulation entirely. They unanimously felt it was too powerful; some experienced soreness or numbness.
2.Another quarter of women were unable to climax with the Classic Magic Wand, though some wrote the sensation was still pleasurable overall. Among the women who were able to climax a few said their orgasms felt forced, and one said her's could sometimes feel painful.
3.Women who preferred pinpoint stimulation found the default head unsuitable for delivering narrow vibrations.
4.According to one, the Classic Magic Wand gets really hot in use.
5.The Classic Magic Wand's size and weight can be cumbersome. Certain positions are more difficult; one user who preferred climaxing facing down could not use the toy effectively in that position. Though users could use it during intercourse, they revealed that its size and weight only work best in certain positions and take practice to master.
6.Over half of users complained that it is loud and audible through closed doors and walls.
7.A user was frustrated at having to use a converter to plug-in her Classic Magic Wand.
8.Often, users complained that the cord (5.9 ft / 1.8 m) was too short for them.
9.The Classic Magic Wand is not waterproof, and its ridged head needs meticulous cleaning.
10.A few of the owners wrote they disliked the toy's appearance. They felt it looked outdated or even intimidating.

This assessment and grading was based on +21 verified user reviews. Dated . Read our ranking methodology. Own a Lovehoney Classic Magic Wand? We invite you to submit a Lovehoney Classic Magic Wand review.

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