L'amourose Rosa Rouge: Review & Ranking


Rank: #6 of 123 vibrators worldwide

Make: L'amourose (Based in Paris/Shanghai)

Type: G-spot Vibrator

Rechargeable: Yes

Battery Life: Up to 3 hours at medium speed on a 2 hour charge. Up to 70 minutes on full speed with heat function engaged.

Body Safe: Yes

Waterproof: Yes

Submersible: Yes

Insertable Size: 102 mm (length) × 38 mm (thickest part)

Storage Pouch Included: Yes

Product Rank

L'amourose Rosa Rouge has a PleasureScore™ of 95/100, placing it #6 on the PleasureScore™ 2018 Vibrator Ranking Chart.

The Bottom Line

The L'amourose Rosa Rouge is a product of distinction. Not missing out the strong, deep and rumbly vibrations that L'amourose is so highly regarded for, the Rosa Rouge even heats up to a nice and warm temperature, and such a technology was unanimously well-liked — one called it a “clit sauna.” Its unique shape targets the G-spot and clitoris simultaneously, leaving most women feeling satisfied.

These, together with a multitude of positive features, and not to mention its high quality build places the Rosa Rouge among the best of vibrators today.

16 reasons to buy

1.The Rosa Rouge is immensely pleasurable, reviewers almost unanimously agreed. One woman lauded, I was in heaven. The sensations were amazing, while another literally cried "tears of joy."
2.The vibrations at the base also stimulates the clitoris.
3.Many owners highlighted how much they enjoyed the Rosa Rouge’s Thermal Regulation System which warms it to a comfy 107°F (41.7°C). A fan likened it to a clit sauna.
4.A considerable number of women loved its texture. They described it to be “luxurious with minimal drag,” “buttery,” and “silky.”
5.It is anal-safe due to its broad and flat base. Additionally, the base allows the toy to be set upright: a convenient feature to not mess up after playing.
6.It can be used hands-free due to its shape; an expert found it to be the perfect vibrator for lazy day reliable orgasms.
7.Purchasers enjoyed its extensive range of 9 patterns and 12 speeds. The pattern and speed can be controlled independently. Unlike many other vibrators, the vibrations stay rumbly and do not become buzzy as intensity increases.
8.It is rather quiet. It can’t be heard through walls, and is nearly completely silent beneath a blanket.
9.Charging is a breeze with a charging dock and indicator lights. It also comes with a compact magnetic charger for travel convenience.
10.It lasts up to 3 hours of continuous use on a 2-hour charge at medium speed, and has been noted to last 1.5 hours at highest speed.
11.Many women found it aesthetically appealing, sleek, and “swanky.” Its distinctive shape is what sex toys would look like if Chanel made sex toys, as one owner wrote. Its packaging is similarly luxurious and discreet. It comes with a storage pouch, classily packaged in a black box nestled inside another clean red box.
12.It is durable; there were no reports of defects or breakage.
13.It is coated with medical grade silicone which is smooth, seamless, non-toxic, phthalate-free, hypoallergenic, and completely body-safe. Being 100% waterproof, it is submersible and easy to clean.
14.It has a travel-lock feature.
15.It remembers your last used setting before power-off.
16.A lesbian woman reported that it can be worn under a harness.

7 reasons not to buy

1.The main issue most reviewers faced was the difficulty in locating its buttons. They are located close together underneath a silicone coat, making it hard to discern and distinguish.
2.While some users found it apt for thrusting, a small minority found it otherwise uncomfortable due to its long shaft or because the rim along the shaft’s head would get caught on the pubic bone.
3.Women who found the shaft too lengthy were unable to enjoy the intended clitoral stimulation from the base.
4.While a few reviewers were able to use the Rosa Rouge in tandem with other toys, a similar number found otherwise due to its bulk.
5.There were some, albeit a minority reviewers who found it difficult to target their G-spots.
6.The Rosa Rouge is held by its rather bulky base and this received mixed sentiments. While some owners found it handy, just as many felt the opposite. In addition, the presence of a secondary motor in the base also caused vibrations to be felt in one’s hands.
7.The base acts as a handle, which to some, is uncomfortable to hold. Furthermore, the base vibrates, adding to the discomfort.

This assessment and grading was based on +9 expert reviews and +14 verified user reviews. Dated . Read our ranking methodology. Own a L'amourose Rosa Rouge? We invite you to submit a L'amourose Rosa Rouge review.

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