Rank: #14 of 123 vibrators worldwide

Make: Fun Factory (Based in Germany)

Type: G-spot Vibrator


"Dark Violet"

Rechargeable: Yes

Body Safe: Yes

Waterproof: Yes

Submersible: Yes

Insertable Size: 114 mm (insertable length) × 32 mm (thickness near tip); 48mm (thickness near handle)

Storage Pouch Included: No

Product Rank

FUN FACTORY STRONIC EINS has a PleasureScore™ of 91/100, placing it #14 on the PleasureScore™ 2018 Vibrator Ranking Chart.

The Bottom Line

On the whole, the Fun Factory Stronic Eins received high marks and is frequently praised by reviewers for its unique "thrusting" technology. It "thrusts" in and out (on its own) in addition to vibrations. However, it takes practice appreciating this technology as there appears to be a sweet spot way of holding or angling it. Though some users could not appreciate it, many others who could touted it as similar or nearly similar to intercourse. This unique thrusting technology is definitely worth a try.

12 reasons to buy

1.A substantial portion of testers remarked they enjoyed the Fun Factory Stronic Eins' unique thrusting motion. It was commonly described as similar or very nearly similar to intercourse.
2.Almost half the reviewers said they liked its shape. Remarks ranged from its filling size to its subtle curve's ability to hit the G-spot easily.
3.Often, users commended its texture and flexibility; the matte silicone is soft and pliable, while the body of the toy is rigid, except for the tip which is softer, but still provides nice G-spot stimulation.
4.It has a raised base to stimulate the clitoris at the same time.
5.Its pulsations have a variety of 4 different constant speeds and 6 patterns; some women even preferred the patterns to the constant speeds.
6.It is quiet; reviewers noted it is inaudible behind closed doors.
7.Its controls are simple and easy to use. Pressing the red FUN button turns it off instantly. The buttons are back-lit and easy to find.
8.The Stronic Eins has a travel-lock.
9.It is body-safe and made with nonporous, phthalate- and latex-free silicone and ABS plastic.
10.It is submersible, waterproof and usable in the shower and bath.
11.It is rechargeable and has an impressive battery life.
12.It comes in fun Factory's signature red and gold box. The packaging is simple and minimalistic.

10 reasons not to buy

1.About a fourth of reviewers could not fully enjoy it; they commonly said that the thrusting motion felt shallow or weak. An expert added that it does not move like a real-life cock, but rather, like a pneumatic drill. Still, it was nice to her, though not great.
2.It requires some practise as holding it too firmly restricts its movements and dampens its thrusts.
3.A minority —15%— found the tapered shaft's curve too subtle to deliver adequate G-spot stimulation.
4.Commonly, women found the base was not well shaped for clitoral stimulation.
5.While a little over a fourth of testers mentioned using it hands-free, almost as many said they could not; they needed to hold it in place with a light touch, otherwise the motion causes the toy to "pop" or "wiggle" out.
6.Though it is easy to grip, a few testers commented that it is weighty and may be uncomfortable to hold during extended play.
7.The matte silicone texture was criticized in almost half of the reviews for its uncomfortable drag. It requires lots of lubricant, and despite so, still felt "draggy" for at least one user.
8.The texture attracts dust. There is also a seam between the plastic and silicone which makes cleaning more difficult.
9.It does not come with a storage pouch, compounding the Eins' issue of attracting dust.
10.Buyers were split on whether the Fun Factory Stronic Eins is worth its $183 price tag (, February 2018), with slightly more buyers left feeling it was overpriced.

This assessment and grading was based on +9 expert reviews and +18 verified user reviews. Dated . Read our ranking methodology. Own a FUN FACTORY STRONIC EINS? We invite you to submit a FUN FACTORY STRONIC EINS review.

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