Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What makes PleasureScore different from Amazon reviews or others?
A: It’s hard to learn about the true quality of a product by looking at its—say Amazon’s “average customer review” star score because these reviews are usually polarized. In fact, this is a known systematic problem across “review” sites including Glassdoor and Yelp where opinions tend to be on the more extreme positive and negative end instead of being “moderate”—which ought be the case for most products and services. (Yelp itself reports that nearly half of reviews written across all categories are 5-stars!) PleasureScore addresses these issues by reducing its weightage on extreme opinions and also taking into account the quantity and quality of recommendations to a product to determine how good a product is. The underlying assumption is that better products are likely to receive more recommendations from users and experts. We believe our final score gives a better representation of product greatness. We also tell you what’s commonly praised and criticized in reviews to further help you make a better decision.
Q: I can’t find [insert product].
A: We are continuously adding new products to the list. If there’s something we missed, please contact us here.
Q: How do I submit a product review?
A: We welcome you to submit your review. Click here to submit your review.
Q: What qualifies as an “expert” in your review system?
A: To qualify as an “expert” in our review system, users must contribute at least ten product reviews, either directly to PleasureScore, or publicly published in websites or personal blogs.